Teacher Checkpoint

Checkpoint Survey (Module #1 Preparation)
Prepare Feedback Train

Study Module #1 of the A Mark IELTS Speaking Course. Run a live class with your student and fill out the Checkpoint Survey. Register for free to start.
1. Study Module #1
Figure IV

Figure IV. Figure IV shows you as the teacher. Study the student online preparation and teacher notes for Module 1 of the A Mark IELTS Speaking Course.

2. Find a student.
Figure V

Figure V In the figure above, the teacher finds and recruits a student to teach. The teacher is responsible for making his or her own arrangement with their student and for collecting compensation for their time (if applicable).
3. Teach Live Class #1
Figure VI

Figure VI. The figure above shows the student handing their PFT Assessment Sheet to the teacher at the beginning of the live class. The PFT Assessment Sheet is used to provide a record of feedback given to the student during the training session stage of the class.
4. Complete the Checkpoint Survey
Figure VIII

Figure VII. The teacher completes and submits the checkpoint survey, which in turn raises their teacher mark on the PFSchool Path. Results of the survey are visible from the Blue Flag Teacher Homeroom.

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