Purchase PFCredit

Purchase PFCredit
Prepare Feedback Train
PFCredit is an electronic voucher that you can purchase from this website to activate students to the PFStudent membership level on this PFT website.
1. Recruit a student
Figure IX

Figure IX. The diagram above shows one possible scenario with you as the teacher. The teacher has been approached by a student who wants to study the content of the course with a teacher. The student pays the teacher directly for contact hours during their live class and for full access to the course.

2. Reach the Blue Flag Teacher Mark
Figure X

Figure X. In order for the teacher to have access to the Purchase PFCredit sales page, they must either have successfully added a student to their class list or passed through the Checkpoint with either green or yellow flag feedback from teh PFT Moderator.
3. Purchase PFCredit
Figure XI

Figure XI. The teacher purchases PFCredit from the website and receives a PFCredit Password by email. The teacher then helps the student to register for free on the website. This gives the student a head start as to the contents of the course before the 21 day schedule commences.
4. Activate your student
Figure XII

Figure XII. Once you are ready to formally begin your course of study with your student, you use PFCredit to activate them. Use the PFCredit Passwords that you received by email to do this. After activation, your student is upgraded to PFStudent and added to your class list. This allows you to monitor student progress and assign feedback flags to their online preparation.

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