PFSchool Path

Promote yourself (Post to the Take a Class page)
Prepare Feedback Train

Submit your Watch Me Teach video and PFT Activity to the website. Once approved by the PFT Moderator, your PFSchool Mark will be posted on the Take a Class page with a link to your own Watch Me Teach page. Use this page to increase your visibility and recruit students who want to study in the PFT learning system.
1. Get feedback from the PFT Moderator
Figure XXI

Figure XXI. The diagram above provides a visual representation of one possible paths to this page with you as the teacher. The teacher has requested feedback to their PFT Activity at the previous step and has been promoted to the rank of PFTeacher on the PFSchool Path.

2. Get feedback from a colleague
Figure XXII

Figure XXII. The teacher chooses to work with a trusted colleague and run their PFT Activity by them. This requires preparation on the part of the teacher and knowledge of the assessment criteria on that of the colleague. The teacher uses the content in Module #1 of the PFT Binder and feedback to help improve their PFT Activity before posting.
3. Post your PFT Activity
Figure XXIII

Figure XXIII. The teacher posts their PFT Activity to the PFT website for review. Green or yellow flag feedback results in the teacher's PFT Activity and Watch Me Teach video being posted to the Take a Class page and an upgrade to the PFSchool Mark, which is the final teacher mark on this website.
4. Promote yourself
Figure XXIV

Figure XXIV. The figure summarizes some ways that students might find your Watch Me Teach video and PFT activity. The initiative is on the teacher to do as much as they can to expose their PFT Activity to potential students. Potential students may come from a number of different sources on the internet including the Take a Class page and another teacher's roster on this website.

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