June 22, 2020

Vancouver, BC (June 22, 2020) -- PFT Language Collaboration announced the opening of its flagship website early this morning. The website serves as an online junction between ESL teachers and students through learning resources constructed within the Prepare Feedback Train learning system. The PFT website sets off with its pilot course, the A Mark IELTS Speaking course, which comprises of 39 online preparation lessons for students and accompanying teacher notes and lesson marking functions for teachers.

The company has contracted out the services and tapped into the capital resources of Jogo Enterprises Inc. to construct the site, which is comprised of network of professionals working together to increase competencies through the training platform websites that it builds.

"We are very fortunate indeed to work with experienced technicians and skilled creative artists to build into the PFT website the foundational structures of the company," says Aly Bardai, senior executive at Jogo Enterprises Inc. "Never before in my own career have I seen such a focused group of individuals come together in parts to produce something as coherent in such a short amount of time."

The construction of the website began mid-May of 2018 and was completed in sections in just under 2 years time. The main drivers of production came from SHIVAM (web developer), Amornu Designs and A Mark Training Co.

"The web developer, designer and visual performing artists have had an integral role in the forward movement of the project on the whole. I am impressed with the way that they are able to provide each other with sufficient leeway to work within their own creative and technical spheres," says Bardai.

PFT Language Collaboration is set to augment its flagship website with a live class function driven mobile application in the coming weeks according to Bardai.

"The reason Jogo took its time with the development of the website was to make sure that PFT Language Collaboration got to the starting line with something to build into. We feel that the more creative and technical tasks come to completion, the greater the focus and attention the product will bring to the learning system that underpins it."

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About PFT Language Collaboration

PFT Language Collaboration aims to facilitate relationships among students, teachers and business in such a way that preparation is not only emphasized but made the cornerstone of the entire process. Content is uploaded, moderated and hosted on www.pftcollab.com and is consumed by an international audience comprising of mainly students who are learning English and teachers who participate in the role of instructor. PFT Language Collaboration currently hosts its flagship pre-requisite course (the A Mark IELTS Speaking Course) consisting of 5 modules divided into 39 lessons in both student and teacher format. For more information, visit www.pftcollab.com.

About Jogo Enterprises

The mission Jogo Enterprises Inc. is to increase competencies in key areas of education and training in all fields in every part of the world. Jogo and its associates seek to abide by three guiding principles:
Jogo Enterprises Inc. does not hesitate to exercise its resources in anticipatory thinking.
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About A Mark Training Co.

A Mark Training Co. is a tutoring service and educational training and course content creator. In addition to arranging study programs and organizing private training sessions between teachers and students both locally and online, A Mark Training Co. provides teacher training sessions for in service level ESL teachers. The primary objective of A Mark Training Co. is to work hard and make the extra effort to provide exceptional service and high quality training materials to teachers and students in order to help both achieve their professional and training objectives. For more information, visit www.amarktraining.ca

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Aly Bardai (Senior Communciations Officer)