Prepare Feedback Train

Start your PFT Binder (Watch Me Teach video and PFT Activity)
Prepare Feedback Train

Use the feedback from the PFT Moderator in combination with training session comments from a PFSchool to gain confidence before posting your Watch Me Teach video and PFT Activity.
1. Start your PFT Binder
Figure XIII

Figure XIII. The diagram shows you as the teacher working on completing and submitting Module #1 of the PFT Binder. In this module, the teacher studies the PFT Moderator criteria for posting a PFT Activity to the Take a Class page. The purpose of this posting is for the teacher to promote themselves to students who want to take live classes after preparing with the PFT website.

2. Request Feedback
Figure XIV

Figure XIV. After the teacher completes and submits Module #1 to the PFT website, they request feedback from the PFT Moderator. The teacher is promoted to the PFTeacher mark after receiving green or yellow flag feedback comments.
3. Practice with a Colleague
Figure XV

Figure XV. Figure XV shows one possible scenario in which the teacher can work with an trusted colleague. This particular situation shows the teacher running through Module #1 training session materials in exchange for compensation in the form of currency.
4. Post to the Take a Class page
Figure XVI

Figure XVI. The teacher gains the necessary permissions to post to the Take a Class page after receiving feedback and reaching the PFTeacher mark. The PFT Moderator provides overall feedback to the post and the teacher is promoted from a PFTeacher to the PFSchool mark.

Module #1 Start Page

Module #1 Start Page

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