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Watch and listen to the teacher provide a context to a vocabulary word or phrase.
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Fill in the blank with the same word or phrase from the Watch Me Teach video above.
Bill: Hey thanks for having me over to your place last night.
Chris: Thanks for coming over.
Bill: Your family is so ______________.
Chris: What do you mean?
Bill: Your mom was so kind. As soon as I got there, she offered me coffee and cookies. Not many parents do that!
Chris: Oh really?
Bill: And then your mom actually sat down and tried to make small talk with me. I felt really comfortable!
Chris: Yeah, she likes to do that. Too bad you couldn't stay for dinner.
Bill: Oh yeah, and your mom asked me to stay for dinner. That was cool too.

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Green Flag

Yellow Flag
kind, considerate, caring

Red Flag
mean, cruel

*Note: There is no explanation video in this set of training materials for teachers.


Think about a family that made you feel welcome in their home.


Send me a list of the things that the family did to make you feel this way. I will respond shortly before your class.


Describe a family that you visited as a guest.

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My Notebook
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