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Watch and listen to the teacher provide a context to a vocabulary word or phrase.
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Fill in the blank with the same word or phrase from the Watch Me Teach video above.
Bill: Hey Chris, I know you are busy...but when you have some ______________ can I ask you something?
Chris: Yeah, I will let you know. Probably in about 15 minutes or so. I have to reply to all of these emails and then let the boss know that I have finished that. I have a meeting with him in about an hour, so I will have some time when I don't have to do anything urgent soon.
Bill: Cool. Just let me know. You mean that you have no work to do after 15 minutes? I don't want to bother you.
Chris: I have some work, but I have to wait for his answer before I can get to I won't be extremely busy at that time.
Bill: Ok gotcha. Just let me know.

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Green Flag
down time

Yellow Flag
free time

Red Flag
no work

*Note: There is no explanation video in this set of training materials for teachers.


What is the most stressful job that you have ever had? Why?


Send me an email with your answer and I will reply shortly before the live class.


Tell me about the most stressful job you have ever had. Why was it stressful?

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My Notebook
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