Prepare Feedback Train

Watch and listen to the teacher provide a context to a vocabulary word or phrase.
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Fill in the blank with the same word or phrase from the Watch Me Teach video above.
Student: Would you ____________ something for me?
Teacher: Sure. What do you need help with?
Student: I am not quite sure how many minutes I have for Part 2 of the IELTS speaking exam. I think it is between 1 and 2 minutes, right?
Teacher: It is good that you asked me to ___________ that for you. You must speak for 2 minutes without stopping.
Student: And how long do I have to think about the topic?
Teacher: You have one minute.
Student: Got it. Thank you.

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explain, clear, answer

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correct, help

*Note: There is no explanation video in this set of training materials for teachers.


Think about some different ways that a teacher can teach some new vocabulary to students.


Send your answer to me in a message. I will reply shortly before your class.


Talk about a teacher that you had when you were younger and how they taught new vocabulary to students.

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My Notebook
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