June 22, 2020

Vancouver, BC (June 22, 2020) -- PFT Language Collaboration is thrilled to announce a working partnership in a show of trust between Company cofounders Felt Top Media and A Mark Training Inc. The deal involves Felt Top Media taking over A Mark Training Co. social media and online marketing contracts and rebranding A Mark Training in light of current market shifts and consumer preferences.

"My primary source of excitement is in the freedom to implement cutting edge marketing tactics within an already existing well thought out marketing plan", says Aly Bardai, senior executive at Jogo Enterprises Inc. and president of A Mark Training Inc. "A Mark Training Co. has a product to sell on at least one online platform (PFT) along with services to complement that product. They (Felt Top) have the marketing strategy in place."

Felt Top Media begins their first contract with A Mark Training Co. on July 1, 2020 for a series of promotional videos to be hosted on PFT Language Collaboration social media outlets. The contract involves motion picture capture and post production for its first physical distancing project with PFT.

"Now that we have secured a relationship with a media capture and production company, A Mark Training Co. is in a position to move forward at a quicker pace," says Bardai. "We will be looking to acquire a utility player with exceptional skill in one or two specialized areas in the not so distant future I would imagine."

However, this is not the only thing that Bardai is excited about.

"A Mark Training Co. has built into it a mechanism whereby teachers on their own teacher roster can branch out and fill other gaps in the field of education. For example, some teachers are good screenplay writers. At least I have worked with some in more than a couple of schools. Felt Top Media can provide an opportunity for those people to combine their talents and passion, which is a good thing...always."

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About A Mark Training Co.

A Mark Training Co. is a tutoring service and educational training and course content creator. In addition to arranging study programs and organizing private training sessions between teachers and students both locally and online, A Mark Training Co. provides teacher training sessions for in service level ESL teachers. These sessions, which are preceded by preparation and feedback, instantiate the essential concept of Prepare Feedback Train as a learning system. The primary objective of A Mark Training Co. is to work hard and make the extra effort to provide exceptional service and high quality training materials to teachers and students in order to help both achieve their professional and training objectives. For more information, visit www.amarktraining.ca

About Felt Top Media

Felt Top Media is a media capture and production company with partnerships forged in the complex network of creative artists and their own variety of expression in the community. Felt Top Media believes in contribution to the community. The company performs a range of services such as motion picture and video capture to post work and execution of marketing strategies.

Media Contact

Aly Bardai (Senior Communciations Officer)