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Add a PFStudent to your Class List
Prepare Feedback Train

Monitor student progress and provide feedback to their online preparation from your class list. Confirmation of a successful addition results in the rise of your teacher mark to Blue Flag Teacher.
1. Find out if your student is a PFStudent
Figure I

Figure I. Students pay the PFT website for access to the full course. These students (now PFStudents) see lesson results on their feedback page and have the option to allow teachers to access and provide feedback to their online preparation.

2. Make an Arrangement
Figure II

Figure II. The diagram shows one possible professional teaching scenario with you as the teacher. The teacher arranges a study schedule with the PFStudent. The teacher chooses how and when to be compensated by the student. On this occasion, the PFStudent pays the teacher for X number of live classes in advance in some form of currency.
3. Add to your Class List
Figure III

Figure III. Two things must happen in order for confirmation to delivered. The PFStudent must make a request to get on the teacher's class list, which is linked to from the homeroom. Second, the teacher must confirm the PFStudent from their class list.

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