Activate Students

Activate Students
Prepare Feedback Train

In order to activate a student, you must be in possession of PFCredit, which is an electronic voucher. Once a student is activated, they become a PFStudent and are automatically added to your Class List.
1. Obtain PFCredit
Figure XVII

Figure XVII. The figure shows you as the teacher. The teacher is in possession of PFCredit and has reached the PFTeacher Mark on the PFSchool path. It is assumed that the teacher has also arranged a teaching schedule with a student who has registered for free on this website.

2. Activate your student
Figure XVIII

Figure XVIII. Once you are ready to formally begin your course of study with your student, you use PFCredit to activate them. Use the PFCredit Passwords that you received by email to do this. After activation, your student is upgraded to PFStudent and added to your class list. Successful activation takes you to the PFSchool Mark on this website.
3. Check student preparation
Figure XIX

Figure XIX. After the teacher activates their student, the teacher should access student online preparation results from their class list. Student results are recorded on their feedback page, which you have access to as a result of activating them from PFCredit. The teacher is also now a PFSchool, which means that the feature of assigning feedback flags to students is also available on this website.
4. Run your live class
Figure XX

Figure XX. The diagram shows you as the teacher. After the student has completed their online preparation, they prepare the PFT Assessment Sheet to hand to the teacher at the beginning of the live class. The teacher runs the class according to the A Mark Live 30 format and works through training session materials with the student. Assessment feedback is delivered to the student immediately following the training session.

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